Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY: Tin Can Planters

     A friend of mine had this hung.. and I fell in love with it. During the Winter season is is so hard keeping fresh plants alive and having that nature atmosphere that I personally love. This allows you to plant small herbs or flowers in your house or porch to have some lush in your life through the cold season ahead.

     I, for one, do not have the time and money to send on huge planters for my porch or expensive winter plants that are hard to keep up with. I found that this DIY project is really very simple, requires few materials and is super easy with a power drill!


1. Tin can planters..(or even mason jars if you have a wrope or latch to hold ear jar).

2. Power drill & nails..(hammers typically are hard to use for this so if you know someone who has a drill ask to borrow which is what I do!)

3. Wood slab..(you can find this at Home Depot or probably have a piece of wood laying around somewhere in storage or a garage that could be used).

4. Metal wire or thick hemp rope..(wire tends to give a more rustic look which I love..and you can find it at any local craft store or hardware store).

5. Soil and plating supplies..(this does not have to be done right away and should be given thought as to what you want to plant!)


1. First stain or paint the wood to whatever color you would like. Some people even choose to leave the wood as is for a shabby chic look.

2. Take a pencil and mark where each planter should go on the wood. The planters will be on their side so you just need to make sure spacing is even and that each planter will be level.

3. Using a power drill (or hammer) nail each tin can to the wood slab and then hold it up so make sure they are even and secure. (The soil and planting supplies is not to heavy so as long as each tin is pretty secure you are good to go).

4. Screw to nails to each end of the wood slab on the backside. This will be used for the metal wire.

5. Cut about 2 feet of metal wire (can be done with scissors). Tie each end firmly to each nail.

6. Now you are ready to hang it up! If you re hanging it on brick you need the power drill again. If you are hanging it inside then you just hang it up as if your hanging a heavy picture or mirror. (Make sure it is not hung to dry wall).

     There are many various ways of doing DIY hanging planters, so feel free to get more tips and other ideas like this one by searching Etsy and other handcrafted sites. With the holidays around the corner, this is sure to make your house warm and inviting. Who doesn't love a fresh nature feel inside while it gets chilly outside!? Enjoy!