Friday, November 15, 2013

Neck Candy: The Gold Pendant

     Well since my last two posts were a bit serious (which is life) I thought I would share another style I am really wanting to embrace for the Holiday seasons. I have been on a huge search for all things gold..well I take that back..I have always loved gold toned pieces. I know it is just now getting all popular, but the funny thing is I have loved gold for years and usually choose gold pieces of furniture and elements over silver or brass. My good friends used to always say that my style was somewhat gaudy but man it seems my gold gaudy style is now one of the most trendy..(they should have listened to me!) haha...but I have always loved the richness and warmth gold gives a space and a look.

    After searching for non-overly chunky gold statement necklaces..I stumbled upon a pendant styled one that I simply couldn't resist. It has a very antique look about it and yes it is a locket I guess you could say even though I will not be one of those people that puts a picture of my significant other to glance at from time to time..not my thing. It also is on a very super thin gold chain which makes it look less cheap in my mind..and lets face was not too cheap ($29.99 from Julies Boutique).

     I will say I think it is going to be a versatile piece of jewelry for me. I have worn it already for a night out with friends, celebrating birthdays, and it was a hit!

My girls and my pendant necklace all making a statement!

     Jami (pictured above to the left) also is such an incredible jewelry finder..She probably just ordered 10 gorgeous necklaces on Ebay and payed roughly 15 bucks for the bundle. I am trying to get better (like her) in finding better deals on jewelry pieces. I always say, however, if your in a rush and need a great statement piece for a special occasion check Handpicked, Julies Boutique and the Jewel Box. All three have various pieces that will cater to any event or function! :)