Thursday, November 21, 2013

Style: Chic, Simple.. Holiday Look

     Needing some inspiration for Thanksgiving wear? If you are like me, you love getting a little festive for grubbing out in front of all your friends, relatives and family (you know it is true). I really love warm, darker colors for the holidays and usually dress the whole look up with timeless jewelry pieces or statement shoes or a beautiful combo. Right now I am currently loving flat clutches, suede booties, leather jackets and dark red pops of color here and there. Jcrew and Madewell usually satisfy these cravings, however this year I am trying to branch out a little more and have been finding great deals on Hautelook and Ideeli. Both sites have killer steals and feature designer labels.

    I have a feeling this year will be somewhat like last, in that Cyber Monday will dominate black Friday which is why I am getting all my online ideas ready and written down so I can wake up and snag some online steals. I never pay full price for anything I own. I always have been the super bargain (wait till it goes on sale in two weeks) kind of it is crucial I start preparing for all of this holiday shopping.

    I finally found a few pieces paired together that I really think give a good idea of what I am talking about as far as "sultry style" is concerned. SO how about this for a holiday look. You can go for a safe and comfortable a chunky off-the-shoulder sweater and heavy weight leather pants (ones pictured below are from Topshop). Booties pictured below are H&M (a personal favorite) but can be found at Belk or DSW. I love the deep red accents to pair with! I would switch up the jewelry and opt for a more classic look (simple diamonds/pearls) instead of the chunky gold hardware but to each their own!