Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cheap finds: Found em!

     The house is coming along, and we have definitely been busy continuing to decorate and add small touches to each room. One part of the house, we sort of have neglected the past two months, has been our hallway. I think because it was more crucial to have a couch to sit on than a well decorated hallway filled with adornments ..hence it got moved to the back burner.

(Living Room coming along! Pillows $7.99 from Ross! Burgundy throw $6.99 Marshalls!)

     Jami has been so great at finding amazing deals & steals lately.. and introduced me to thrift shopping 101. We both don't have a ton of money to dish out right now on little things such as nice rugs and wall frames (which are typically not cheapest at Home Goods & Pier One). However who says those are the only places for decor? Did you ever think about shopping at your local Ross, Goodwill or even Salvation Army? I have always thought (up until now) that you kind of are not suppose to shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army mostly because less fortunate (needy) people should have first dibs there...but in today's economy, who says I am loaded with cash or am not somewhat needy when it comes to extra pieces of furniture?..Because I am!

(2 Matching Runners! $10 a piece)
      So, Jami and I went to all three! You would be shocked at how much stuff (and deals) there were at all three stores. Now I know Ross is basically like Marshalls... but typically there stuff is cheaper... and surprisingly about the same quality! About a week ago I hit up Ross and found two runners that didn't match (one for the hall and one for our entryway). When Jami and I went the other day Ross had another matching runner to the one in the entryway for $10 bucks and we grabbed it. We ended up swapping out the one in the hall with the one in the entryway so there could now be two matching runners for our long hallway (did you catch all that?).

(Wall decor $5.99 from Salvation Army!)

      When we went to Goodwill we found some plates and tons of mugs for like 50 cents each (basically a steal). Salvation Army actually had a gorgeous antique shelf (that probably should have cost way over $5) and we have now placed that on our hallway wall with two candles from Family Dollar (both holders and candles)!

(Plate from Goodwill and Plate holder $12.99 Hobby Lobby!)

      All three runners, plates, candles and antique wall shelf were a total of around $45. Now to us.. that sounds like a pretty good deal! Don't be afraid to shop thrift and consignment for goods that are barely used, and give a great vintage feel to any space of yours!