Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Following a Father's Path: Life


   I graduated college a little over a year ago and since have been nannying for numerous families and doing a few hobbys on the side (photography and some promotional work). Who knew how difficult it would be finding my dream public relations career, however I have learned that God has a plan for my life ...and maybe right now it is dabbling in a few things I enjoy. On top of all of that, I am  thinking about becoming a real estate agent on the side.... mostly due to my love for the various structures and interiors homes have to offer in Charlotte. SO... I guess you could call me a jack of all trades to some extent and a hopeful entrepreneur (one day).

     My father was an entrepreneur himself and my mom is an incredible dental hygenist. My sister pretty much followed my mom's path (becoming a dental assistant/supervisor), and I am finding (as the years go by) that I have the drive my father did by creating his own job. He owned a construction plumbing company, and created a name for himself in our hometown city of Winston-Salem. 

     Growing up he taught me the importance of being independent, creating your own money and following your dreams. I saw him each day come home from work around 7pm (covered in hardworking sweat) with a grin on his face that I will never forget. He would shower and come downstairs and ask me all about my day at school.... and right after dinner there was always a fun game we played outside (basketball, tennis, pretend games w/ my sister and I..etc.). He provided for our family, great food, an unforgettable home and heavy amounts of laughter. And each night ended with cuddles in bed along with this song if I was ever upset or sad.

  "Little girl your sleepy, I know why your blue
     Somone took your baby doll away, try to go to sleep now
     Little girl you've had a busy day.."

     I lost my father, to bone cancer, about 8 years ago before I started Highschool. My life changed and ever since I have learned so many important lessons that I continually try to apply to my life. 

     I saw what it took for a widowed mom to take care of two girls (quickly becoming adults) and how courageous she was through it all. I learned that if you want things in life you work hard for them without giving up and without relying on anyone else. I learned that your emotions can quickly take over you and you have to guard yourself. I learned that we don't know how much time we have in this world, and taking advantage of very opportunity is so crucial. I learned that even when things are not going as planned, you have to be happy in all that you do. I learned how precious family is and to never take anything for granted.

   All of this has shaped who I am today. No I do not have a dream baller job yet, but I am making ends meet just fine, and doing what I love each day. When opportunities present themselves you better believe I will be the first to take hold and never let go. Living each day and being so thankful for the little things around me (simplicity) has been my motto. 

     Today, look around and ask yourself if you are happy and doing what you love. Because if not..why are you wasting the gift of time? Do what you love, work hard and pray faithfully. God always is in control and won't fail to present blessings in your life. :) 

My Dad and I :)