Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That good ole southern food: YUM

     This is a meal that I have always loved and grown up eating. Like I mentioned in my previous "foodie" post, mom always tended to make some type of starch (potatoes, rice, pasta), vegetable (green beans, peas, spinach) and a meat (steak, meatloaf, chicken casserole) for dinner each night. I always stayed trim and healthy too! Therefore, I have decided this is what my meals will probably consist of too.. unless I get kinda crazy (homemade bisque!). Corey (my boyfriend) thinks he is some kind of chef, so there will still be the occasional homemade pizza nights and when I am super lazy...taco nights will be a given.

    Two years ago I introduced Corey to fresh, chopped green beans (which I am pretty sure his mama has made him as a kid) and he has been in love ever since. Luckily, green beans are my favorite vegetable to eat as well, so this has worked out great. He, on the other hand, has introduced me to crab/shrimp cakes (which I never really had growing up) and now I am a complete fan to say the least. SO.. it looks like we have both introduced each other to a few healthy fresh foods.

     The other night, we decided to have a crab cake/green bean/potato combo and it was delicious! I usually opt for a potato casserole, but decided to keep it somewhat healthy and have organic new red potatoes. Now these were a staple growing up, and I now believe it was due to the fact that they are so so easy to prepare! You literally buy a bag of the potatoes, wash & chop them in half, lay them on an oiled/seasoned baking sheet, and put them in the oven for 20 min (SO easy right?..They taste great with ketchup too!)

     You can buy chopped & washed green beans at any local grocery to save time.. if you are trying to whip this up quick. I typically sautee them by adding seasoning (your choice) and a tablespoon of natural butter..they take only a few minutes! We like to pick out fresh crab cakes from Harris Teeter or Whole Foods and cook those on the stove top. Corey likes to be in charge of making those, but they take little time to cook and taste simply amazing.

    This meal is easy and affordable, which is always what I'm looking for. Crab cakes are only about $6 a piece, potatoes (vary but are cheap for a bundle) and green beans are about $4.99. Therefore, this makes for a great dinner date night with your boyfriend, husband or best friend! Enjoy!