Monday, October 21, 2013

Argan Oil: Feed your skin!

     One of my absolute favorite products is argan oil due to its endless benefits for hair and skin! I have always had fairly frizzy hair and dry skin..this changed all of that in a matter of weeks. I went to Sephora with a good friend of mine who introduced me to argan oil by Josie Maran. I tried it out in the morning and a good amount at night (before bed) and couldn't believe how soft, luscious and well hydrated my skin/hair was the next day. I kept this regime and still continue to see amazing results each day.

     I have had a few people ask me how my skin is so clear, soft and subtle on my face with using little makeup ...and this oil is my secret! I don't use a face wash ever and stick to a natural bar of soap for cleansing followed by a small amount of argan oil and I am set! I had significant amounts of problem skin when I was a teenager, and soon realized it was from trying every face wash on the market (even Bobbi Brown). However, I soon realized, when oils get cleared from our skin ..our body naturally produces more oils, which can break your skin out even more..
My skin after using argan oil for a week!

      Over the past few years, argan oil has skyrocketed to fame, and for good reason. The stuff really works. Sourced from the nuts of Morocco’s native argan trees, the oil has been used in cosmetics since ancient times. Berber women traditionally sit on the ground and crack the nuts with stones to extract the kernels, which are then roasted for their oils. It takes a whole season of nuts from a single tree to make one liter of the precious ingredient. Just in case you’re wondering, argan oil has a high concentration of vitamin E, omega acids, and antioxidants to strengthen hair/skin and improve its elasticity. When you are in your twenty something it is so crucial to take great care of your hair & skin so it stays gorgeous even when your 50! So why not give it a try!?