Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our trip to the SC State Fair!

     Yesterday, Corey's family and both Corey and I took a trip to the South Carolina State Fair. We have sort of made this a tradition ever since Corey and I started dating three years ago..and I am a fan to say the least! On the day of, Corey and I decided to meet his family closer to SC at a really cute shopping center so we didn't have to bring two cars. While waiting on his parents to arrive, we stopped at one of the cutest and most delicious "cupcakerys" I have ever been too. I really couldn't resist, so I decided to get a pumpkin spiced cupcake and Corey of course had something chocolate filled (his favorite).

     After we indulged (and probably gained a good 5lbs. a piece) his parent's arrived and we headed to the fair! Corey's sister is a phenomenal cheerleader for the SC Gamecocks and her boyfriend goes to the school as well, so they both met up with us to come along with! The fair was not too packed but much warmer than I had pictured...85 degrees and sunny (can't complain!). We got lunch before going on rides and playing games, because we couldn't deny the smell of all the yummy greasy food (haha). I typically eat whatever at the fair because that is just a part of being apart of the fair "atmosphere." SO I of course got a delectable corn dog and huge bucket of fries (no worries everyone else was eating equally fatty foods as well :)). We were pretty stuffed from lunch, so playing games and seeing some of the exhibits seemed like a good first activity.

     We saw a ton of animals, including an elephant and zebra, which was kinda cool! We also spent tons of money trying to win crazy games..and came out with a pink monkey and small frog (It was pretty funny watching Corey get really into the games.. thinking he was going to win a life size animal of some sort). We played a bunch of "luck" games and sadly only won a few times but hey at least we won something!

     Once our stomachs calmed down we began all the thrill rides. I will say they were a ton of fun.. but we only went on a few..most were geared toward 10 years and younger. I did ride "fire ball," which is my all time favorite and the classic rug slide from high in the air. Corey actually beat me down it because he realized you go crazy fast leaning forward (I let him have his victory..). 

     Before leaving, we of course had to get some sort of fair dessert, so I went with a delicious chocolate funnel cake. Elephant ears and funnel cakes are always my favorite along with cotton candy and caramel dipped apples (okay maybe I love everything ..but who doesn't!). On our way home, that evening, Corey and I were pooped. We had such a fun time being with Corey's family and acting like we were still kids again. We can't wait to go back next year!