Friday, October 18, 2013

Homemade Cappuccino: Yes Please!

     Lately, I have become a coffee addict to probably the max. I find myself drinking possibly 2 cups daily (which for the past year and a half seems to be routine). With job hunting, photographing, nannying, cooking, traveling and now blogging..I need all the energy boost I can get in the morning!

     When I traveled to both Rome & Costa Rica years ago, I began developing an appreciation for coffee and the various ways to make it. Cappucinos have always stood out to me in taste and appearance. I love frothed milk and the tasty blend of spices different coffees embody. I rarely make a good homemade one since I am also now addicted to our Keurig and my friend's Nespresso (which is amazing to say the least). Therefore, I wanted to find an efficient homemade recipe that entails everything I love about these drinks!


Below is a great recipe I have used many times and have seen on media channels like Pinterest and online articles.Why not treat yourself this season to something delicious!

Ingredients    (Side note- You can find most of these ingredients All Natural if you would like!)

Freshly brewed coffee (use ground coffee if you don't have a brew machine)
Whole-fat milk (using whole-fat milk ensures a creamy froth as opposed to skimmed)
Granulated sugar
3 drops of vanilla essence
¼ teaspoon of powdered cinnamon


Place a 1/3 portion of the milk in the microwave, at a high temperature for a minute and 10 seconds (or stop when you see the milk rise as it boils). Transfer the hot milk to a blender, adding the vanilla essence, granulated sugar, and powdered cinnamon. Blitz the mixture until it takes on a frothy finish. Taking another cup, add to this the brewed coffee (1/3) and then top it off with the steamed milk. Sprinkle with dark or milk chocolate shavings if you'd like.