Thursday, October 10, 2013

New House: 3 Chicas

Our new home on Londonderry!
     Around August I was pretty swamped looking for a house to move into. Due to living in a few apartments all through college I really wanted to live in a house and I guess feel a little more grown up. I spoke with my financial planner and she strongly recommended I think about renting a home over buying one until I know for sure where I want to live permanently or at least for several years. I agreed with her because I really love Charlotte, but don't know if this will be the city I reside in for the years to come (esp. with Corey and I both job hunting.. we really want to check out DC and possibly live there in a few years). She also reminded me it is never just the house you are buying but all the upkeep or any damages that occur or even appliance failure. It all made sense ...and therefore I will be renting in the meantime.

     As far as roommates, I have never been the girl to move in with her boyfriend or vise versa, so my dear friend Jami (who was coincidentally needing a new place to live as well) came first to mind. When we talked about it we were like two little girls giggling with excitment about our "girl pad." We began the hunt in Mid August, looking on websites like Trulia and Craigslist. We set up numerous appointments and probably toured over twenty homes in our budget. We also looked at a few properties above our budget.. which turned out to be a bad idea because we realized we had to come back down to reality. Yes the granite countertops, gorgeous stoned fireplaces and marble bathrooms all seem like perfection but we really don't need all those features until perhaps later in life (haha one can hope!)
Jami and I! Still need a photo of us with Maggi!
     After looking and looking, the whole excitement of house hunting began to wind down. We now were approaching September with no place to live..which was quite stressful! However this all changed quickly! One afternoon, I was reading and my boyfriend, Corey, came over with an elated expression due to some sort of news. Apparently he was driving through an area (which I love) called Madison Park, and found a home for rent in our budget that would be ready to move in immediately. He showed me pictures he had taken of the house, and it seemed to be the PERFECT home for us. With three bedrooms, bonus room, living room, dining room, two bathrooms and screened in porch...I was in love.  I talked to Jami about it, and without hesitation, we signed papers before even going in the house to check it out first.

     About two days later we were cleared and ready to move in our new home on Londonderry Road! This all happened so quickly, but we really had about a week to figure everything out. a few days later we also decided a third roommate would be  great idea with splitting bills and rent.. so Jami spoke to her good friend Maggi about the home and had her come by to see it. She fell in love too and was able to move in a month later!

     Now that we are all settled in we really are loving the home and so thankful Corey found it. It is 1600 square feet and features old southern charm characteristics throughout. The house has old hardwoods in about every room besides the kitchen and great fixtures that were updated. I find myself in our bonus room a ton. We made it very cozy, and with Jami and I both having small dogs it has become sort of a playroom too!  Sadly we do have huge TVs in most rooms and lots of shabby chic details and french styled decor. All three of us have a love for DIY (do it yourself) projects and finding antique teasures to find the perfect spot for so this has been really very fun for us!

     This whole experience has really shown me the difficulty of finding a perfect fit home. I cant imagine buying my first house and how indecisive I probably will be during that time.

     I am only 23 though, and I am glad I chose to do things the way I did. To me it is important to be able to live on your own, doing what you love with amazing friends. We have our whole life ahead to live with the guys we love and to buy houses and be all "wifey." In the meantime I want to live outside my boyfriends shadow and live my life fabulously. What isn't attractive about a young lady who can support herself and follows her own dreams? I am so thankful for God's provisions and feel blessed when new adventures, like finding a home to rent, work out! Here are a few photos of the house but we are still in the process of decorating some spots and making it perfectly ours! Stay posted on new projects, parties, and things we do at our new Londonderry home!

My Bedroom!

Dining Room!

One side of the Kitchen!

Bonus Room