Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Look for Less: Fall styling

     Something about Fall screams fashion to me. I love all the various pieces of garments that go with the season, such as big sweaters and leather boots to name a few. I love the bold, sultry colors that come out this time of year and the many textures paired with. My mom's biggest wish for me is that one day I will finally emerge as a credited stylist for some local boutique/magazine (I would love that too she fails to understand) however, it is no joke being the next Rachel Zoe. 

    Call it luck, but I do seem to find some pretty amazing deals that have all the elements and pieces models are wearing down NYC's fashion week runway. I have decided to share 8 styles I am really craving this Fall, and they are all very effortless to put together! 

#1 Leather Satchel- This is something worth investing in (because they truly last forever) but you can find them starting at $29.99 at your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I have a crossbody leather satchel that I have started to use and it really does go with everything!

#2 Floppy hat/fedora- I actually love these year round, but this time of year I am craving the navy, taupe & black colored floppy hats. To get a great deal they have a bunch at Belk and Macy's. If you don't want to hunt for the perfect one, brands like Madewell/Jcrew have great ones!

#3 Plaid Scarves- These always scream Fall and go well through the Winter, so they are worth every penny! I love wearing a comfy black top and a big plaid scarf to accessorize. The best deals for these are on Amazon. They usually have very low shipping costs! I also have been finding other patterns like chevron on

#4 Flats- Don't get me wrong I am a sucker for booties/boots..but have found flats are so versatile. I recently got a pair of leather Steve Madden ones ($39.99..DEAL) and burlap TOMS (59.99). I have worn both so many times because they feel great no matter what the weather is like!

#5 Off the shoulder tops & Skinny jeans- I am head over heals about this duo. I have found so many black lacey and printed off the shoulder Fall tops that are very affordable at TJ Maxx & Julies Boutique. They typically range from $19.99-39.99. My favorite skinnys right now are Tractor brand. They feel so comfy and have colors from hunter green to dark taupe and black (and of course denim colors). They also are pretty cheap for pants/jeans ..only $49.99!

#6 Headwraps- These are so trendy and can really save a bad hair day! The one pictured above I actually made. I found both pendants and solid colored crochet headwraps to adorn at Hobby Lobby. I spent probably around $10 bucks total! You can also find them online at!

#7 Oversized sweaters- I have always been a fan of these..(I mean who isn't?). Rule of thumb for me is always do opposites. SO if you choose to wear a big sweater stick to simple jewels (like stud earrings) and more fitted tops bust out the chunky statement pieces! Less is more..ALWAYS! I am finding these at Marshalls and Gap for great prices..(typically under $39.99!) and also have major sweater steals!

#8 Top knot/bun- This hairstyle is so effortless and can be worn at any occasion. They have tons of videos on Youtube on making them too if you find yourself frustrated! I typically bend over and throw it all up on the top of my head :)!

     Hope you try some of these styles out! They are very geared to 20 somethings but feel free to teach your mom or child or best friend some of these looks. I have seen many toddlers even sporting the TOMS and topknot too! Check my Instagram (amandalbeck) for more styles I find. Why not get the look for less??!