Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A small intro about "20 Something"

     I know what your thinking (everyone has a blog these days, and it's getting old) ..BUT I am finding myself stumbling upon amazing ideas, DIY projects galore, new adventures, different recipes and helpful tips for anyone living in this age.

     I used to have a blog, back in my interning days, however it really only focused on great products and finds that I encountered and felt the urge to share with everyone. These days, I would really like to just write about life in my twenties. I know it's no surprise to most people that your twenties are years of ups and downs and good/bad times...but there is a lot more in our day and age that twenty something year olds go through. I find some weeks are bliss (filled with paying rent on time and dancing the night away at a nearby concert) but some are filled with sadness and confusion (seeing a million girls post filtered instagram pics of their flawless engagement rings, while football is never ending on the 40" TV in the background) . These are the roller coaster weeks of being twenty something.

     I have decided that no matter what, the most important step is to try and find happiness in everything. A good friend of mine taught me that it isn't so much about defining yourself but continually molding yourself into the person you want to become. This is what being in your twenties is about. This is where all the emotions and crazy feelings we have stem from. If your like me, your not sure whether you want to become the next best photographer, teacher, graphic designer, boutique owner or real estate guru. Are we a jack of all trades? Or was there some calling we have missed? Or maybe we are not suppose to know all the answers just yet. Maybe we are suppose to live with a little less worries and "plans," and let life just happen.

     No matter what anyone else is doing, you have to be content and happy with yourself. You have to embrace the fact that it may not be your time right now (no worries facebook and instagram arn't going anywhere) but in due time. I'm finding that God has a crazy good way of making things happen in certain seasons of our lives.. and it takes trusting Him, knowing He is omniscient and omnipresent.

     I've made a pack with some ladies that we will always live through each other, supporting one another in life's many blessings and obstacles. Whether you are twenty three or twenty seven you are facing your own triumphs and hardships.. which is completely normal. These are the years to be inquisitive, free, flirty, feisty, unsure, doubtful and curious all in one...these are the years of being twenty something.