Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Things: My Thoughts

     Been awhile since I have talked about 5 things on my mind right now so figured it's Monday..let's give it a go. Babes are currently napping and let's hope they keep it up for another 30 minutes so I can get some things done (like eat at some point haha). 
     I hope I didn't bombard everyone yesterday with all my posts ...but sometimes there are a billion things on your mind that you just have to talk about (or in my case write about mostly). I also have a hard time not sharing info (whether it's fashion, food or advice). So here's 5 things..

1. I am such a fan of Valentine's Day. I know and understand half of the US is not..and finds it overrated (which is fine). I guess I just have never understood the hate towards it or dislike. I mean we celebrate St. Patricks Day and Halloween and I don't see how those are not overrated too? 
     The big quote I hear (that's rephrased quite a bit) from many people is "We should not have one day that we express our love for others" Well DUH... but because our society (which is slowly I feel going downhill and loosing touch of what matters) is so hurtful and mean at times...that it's imperative to have a day to remind everyone the importance of loving. Whether it's a significant other or a random lady down the road or you local target cashiers....use this "overrated" holiday to cherish your close ones (random people in your community too) and show them how to love and be loved. I don't see anything overrated about that....

2. I am craving one more hit of snow...Please please please :) They are calling for at least an inch this week come Wednesday (apparently)..yay! I always am wanting the warm weather but if it's going to remain negative zero might as well snow.

3. I'm loving my new polka dot scarf. Found it at Black Lion ...which has the best little finds. It is like Etsy but store version (amazing). It was only 17.99 too if your in the Dilworth area be sure to stop in!

4. These shabby chic straws are too cute! Can't wait to use them for a brunch I am planning. Also think they would be great for showers (weddings or engagements or even birthdays).. Love the stripes and pops of color. I found mine at SAS Cupcakes and they were pretty affordable! 

5.  Don't assume people have nothing going on in their life simply because they don't have a kid or a full time career. I made this mistake once (pre-jugding) and it was a big learning lesson and new understanding to cut others some slack. Job hunting, nannying, house hunting, birthdays, moving, events, interning for a wedding event is very busy and no some of us are not just "sitting around."