Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mint Green: It's everywhere...

     Anyone else seeing mint green everywhere!? I think just about every magazine or wedding idea book or pinterest talking about mint green being the "color for the season" ahead. Now don't get me wrong, I really dont mind the color but I get really annoyed when our society tends to choose one color as the season's "trend."

     Why you may ask? Well because I don't know if you remember when we were all hooked on royal blue and now the color is slightly obnoxious and reminds me solely of Kate Middleton (who I'm also sick of hearing about!)
      This happens with patterns chevron... OVERUSED. I get so overjoyed when I see something that is not chevron, especially grey (I mean we probably have 400 patterns to choose from people..let's broaden our minds).
     SO green is clearly the hot color right i suppose instead of fighting it (even though it was the color of my room from ages 10 to 18) I will embrace it. I'm pretty sure every wedding, party and event along with at least 200 nurseries around the US will feature this color so I probably should find ways to love it.
     Here are a few pictures of decor and styles with mint green that I actually do like quite a bit. Some are very DIY and some
 feature a rustic look which gives the mint green a more shabby chic effect (love). Enjoy!