Sunday, February 9, 2014

Style: Orla Kiely Spring 2014

     I don't know if you hadn't already noticed, but I am getting very excited about Spring and all the colors and styles coming out. Orla Kiely, has done wonders in her new collection by pairing bright colors with nudes and adding safari prints (I have died and gone to heaven). She always has amazing style and designs some of the most trendy and versatile pieces to go crazy over.

 "If Wes Anderson ever sets a film in the Serengeti, then he should call on Orla Kiely to design the costumes. For Spring 2014, her signature nerdy girl went on safari, but that didn't mean she left her printed dresses and quirky knits at home. Inspired by brownies and girl guides, the Kiely girl was always prepared with a binocular case, a beret, and a plethora of '70s-inspired outfits. We loved the giraffe and zebra prints, a white prom dress with a pearl collar, and the cute button-down sundresses." (Soure: IMAXtree)

     Here are my personal favorites from the Spring collection. I cannot wait for the season ahead! 

**Photos from online source**