Friday, February 7, 2014

Essentials: Plane Ride or Road Trip

     I was recently asked what I would wear on a plane ride (in the next couple weeks) and the essentials I would bring along. I am all about packing well and having complete comfort no matter how I am traveling. Some of these products are a little more pricey (like the camera) but are imperative to bring if your a photo guru like myself. So here goes..

1. Leith Chunky Knit Slouch Hat ($24)..getting better at wearing these and they keep you super warm!

2. Celfie Sweatshirt..comfortable & cute..need I say more? This one is actually from Etsy!

3. Skinny jeans! (Or leggings) I have a pair that look the same from Old Navy if you wanna go a more affordable route..

4. Leopard Flats ..these go with everything and are versatile for most seasons.

5. Leather Camera Bag ..currently dying to have this bag but not an essential I suppose. Any camera bag will do!

6. Ombre Infinity Scarf ...these are very comfy on plane rides and give a little something to a basic outfit.

7.  Journal ...I like to document everything and remember all my little (and big) experiences. Plane rides are also nice downtime for some journaling.

8. Galaxy S4... cannot live without my galaxy S4. It goes everywhere with me. Pictures are incredible!

9. L'Occitane 'Subtle Violet' Hand Cream ($12) moisturizing and relaxing. This stuff feels and smells amazing!

10. Claudalie Eye Cream (or any eye cream/moisturizer).. just recently tried this from my friend and couldn't believe how much better my eyes looked. It runs pricey but if you have a long trip keeps you looking refreshed!

11. Nar Lipgloss in Larger Than Life ($26) the color and beginning to LOVE all Nars products.  They are more pricey but last forever and keep those lips looking lustrous!