Monday, December 9, 2013

Brody: Almost half a year old!

     Thought it was time I gave an update on our little man! Brody, Brodester, Tom Brody and Lil Man has become quite the little buddy to almost everyone he meets. He was born July 31st, 2013..making him almost 5 months old! He always is ready for a good cuddle sesh and always wants to be exactly where I am at most all times. We are kinda working on this because Portia was raised by me from birth pretty much ...and I did a ton of crate training.. (mostly due to her high energy that needed to be tamed from time to time) but I to knew it would be helpful when I was interning for longer periods of time and needed her to be in the kennel or playpen.

     Brody on the other hand, has always slept in a bed with people at night and cannot stand to be in a kennel for 5 seconds. He loves his playpen but only when we are in the same room with him..which kinda defeats the purpose of that... (ugh). We will soon try and start getting him more adjusted to the kennel.. and plan on leaving him with Corey's parents when we head to the mountains next week...(hope they don't mind him snuggling with them a little haha).

     We have started taking him to Long Animal Hospital, and have an amazing vet who has already been giving us the best advice from great foods... to methods of giving him food crate training. We are excited about their new location, as well, and love that it is such a great facility.

     As far as foods go, we started giving him Ideal Balance (because that was what his previous owner had been giving him) however found him wondering in our friends pet's beneful. We got him some of the puppy blend and the next day he was all shakey, had diarrhea and threw up twice..This was miserable because I literally would wake up in the middle of the night cleaning poo every 5 minutes and holy cow that is not okay! I read the ingredients and beneful and some other leading dog brands have corn, instead of meat, as the first ingredient which can upset a puppies stomach (I sound like an organic dog food commercial I know..). This really was the case though because we went right back to Ideal Balance and he is back to solid poos and his happy self.

     We have been giving him certain people food such as eggs, green beans, french fries, chicken/turkey (occasionally) and sometimes a plain cracker. I always have eggs for breakfast almost every morning so I tend to give him my leftovers or pieces while I'm eating So he stops bugging me.

     If you follow me on instagram you probably are thinking "How many clothes does this dog really have and why"..I always love putting a sweater on him and he actually is more calm in a sweater or wrap around jacket. They make this anxiety jacket that is 40 bucks so my vet said fitted sweaters and things would have that same comfort feeling. And let's face it..He looks pretty darn cute in just about everything..I will say the tie and scarf are for fun along with his Santa costume. Just for the records I don't spend over 10 bucks per outfit and typically only 4 bucks or so ..I know many of you spend the same amount on cute little baby headbands..

     He has 2 more small shots to get that are extra ..He came pretty much completely vaccinated and ready to go! He had his first puppy cut last week and they just trimmed fur around his face and paws because you are suppose to wait until around 6 months before getting a full body trim.. (I am excited for that!)

     We plan on doing some sort of puppy obedience school soon because it can't hurt.. and I want him to be a great (obedient) lil fella for the long haul.

I will give another update in a few months because he isn't a child and not much is changing other than us just learning from each other and being the best of buds :)!