Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY: Ornament wreath

      I thought it was time I finally shared how I made my ornament wreath before Christmas is actually here. I saw this idea on a few other blogs and really wanted to give it a try for myself after everyone said how easy the process was (and it really was).
      I started out by getting all of my materials from the Dollar Store and Michaels. I wanted to go with a color scheme that was very "outdoorsish" but still looking very festive. I found some subtle green ornaments along with some bright ones and thought they would pair great with the gold/silver balls. I also wanted to give the wreath a little depth so I found some glitter mini ornaments and pine cones to adorn where I saw fitted.

      I started the project by wrapping the tree branch wreath with some ribbon (that I scored 70% off) and made sure the whole wreath looked like an even circle. I then began gluing the ornaments on one by one (yes it takes some time) and made sure to space out the colors so the wreath would be even from all angles. Lastly I added the pine cones and smaller ornament balls where I had some empty spaces or a small gap that needed something added to it.

      And finally I added a large burlap bow (my favorite) to hang it properly and give it a finishing touch. I think overall it turned out great! Not incredibly durable, but I do think it will last a few more seasons so that is a plus! Took me probably 2 hours max and cost a total of about $15! Hope you are feeling creative this holiday season like I am :)