Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Think before you speak: What a Nanny does know

Sweet baby Elizabeth! Her mom and dad are two of my favorites and I love my Tuesdays!

     Sometimes (typically on a Monday evening) I am incredibly moody and it seems even the little things annoy me. I guess it is because Mondays are now my long days filled with infants, tummy time, every 2 hr. Bottle feeds, crying, laughing, spit up, blowout diapers, bottle cleaning, swaddling, purees, walks, exercises, and occasionally really long naps (for the babies at least).

And here is a little why..

     It really bothers me at the end of the day (after I have most likely succeeded in keeping everything sane while managing two 5 months olds by myself) when someone (another mom normally) doesn't take my advice (or laughs at it) bc I have never had my own child yet. Or sometimes acts like I don't know what I'm talking about. Or I read on another blog or status about a mom saying "don't give advice unless you have had your own" (really?).If there was a test out there regarding knowledge of infants and all that goes along with... I would pass with flying colors.

     As a parent, you most of the time are watching your child..A baby you know the ends and outs of because ..well...you created them and have nurtured them and know exactly how they like things. Basically you pretty much know what soothes your baby..what makes them laugh..what they hate..what keeps them content...etc. As a nanny I have looked after more than 45 different infants and children. Which means I know 45 different ways to soothe a baby..45 different ways to hold a baby in a certain fashion...45 different ways to make smiles appear..45 different ways to prepare bottles the way each baby likes it best..and the list continues.

     Therefore, it is wise to actually take the advice of a nanny (who may not have given physical birth yet  to a baby) because they know about 45 times what you may know due to the experience and uniqueness each baby/child they have cared for. I'm not just a 12 year old babysitter...I have cared for babies/toddlers/children for weeks at a time by myself so before I hear "well it is different when u have them to yourself 24/7"...been there and done that and yes it is very hard and very rewarding all in one.

     This is not a letter to be harsh or mean but more of a third party perspective (the nanny). Please think twice before you make a comment about what others know before asking their experience. Just bc I have been smart and want to wait until i am completely stable in life (financially & mentally)  before popping out a kid doesn't mean i am unintelligent in the matter.

Until next time..