Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time to unwind: Local spot

     One thing I love about the area I live, are the various restaurants and places to relax/unwind with your friends after a long day. Whether it is bowling at Park Lanes down the road while enjoying games & great food/drinks or a night of trivia at one of our favorite spots in NODA (Solctice), we all love casual fun nights on weekdays to chill out.

     One of our new favorite places to go on Monday nights Librettos Pizzeria. Not just any old pizza actually features an upscale atmosphere and knockout food that you would never find at other pizza places. I had the amazing opportunity of photographing some of their brunch choices and beverages (like mimosas and breakfast pizzas). I will be posting soon about my experience and some photos of the great food stay tuned!

     Back to what I was saying... we love going to Librettos! The guys typically watch football (which really I should be used to by now) and us ladies catch up on our lives and chaotic days while enjoying a brew or wine. Corey enjoys picking out his pizza of choice, which are made fresh daily, and I always get wings and a salad of some sort. I will say that I love that this spot is literally 2 minutes away from us and is never over crowded.. (unless of course there is a huge game on..).

     My hope is that we will keep stumbling upon these great spots to go with friends and cater to ourselves some (it is for sure needed from time to time). We are not always certain where we may end up in the future or if Charlotte will remain our home city...but going to take advantage of all the Queen City has to offer while we are here!