Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mountains: Ready to see Waynesville!

     Picked up an extra day of nannying this week which has both pros and cons. Pros being that I will have extra money to splurge at the mountains next week or better yet might be buying another shade of Hunter Boots...and cons being that well with 2 infants you are bound to have a tiresome day. From now until around 6:30 I will be effortlessly trying to keep everyone happy...fed...entertained..and well rested...along with maybe getting a few bites of food in myself (so far it has only been 3 cups of coffee).

     However, on these glorious (and hopeful) 2 hours that these little ones will be taking their morning nap, I have some time to get some Chobani yogurt down my throat before I hear a peep. I am currently extremely excited about my trip to Waynesville, NC, with Corey next week. We are leaving Wednesday and coming back Friday so it should be a fairly short trip..but I will take what I can get! We found this trip on Groupon and scored big. For 2 nights and a $30 dining voucher at the Waynesville Inn Golf Resort & Spa (sounds fancy right?) we paid a total of $130. Now to me, that is a killer deal and we took it without much hesitation. I am excited to explore the area and maybe even get a little spa action while Corey golfs!

    As I have mentioned in previous posts, Corey and I both love taking at least one yearly trip to the mountains or nearby region because of how gorgeous it is in the Fall and Winter. Growing up, I really did hate going to our mountain house... and now I so badly wish we hadn't sold it because of my new appreciation and love for Boone, Blowing Rock and Asheville. Last year, we went to the Biltmore and Boone on two separate trips that were amazing to say the least. I think everyone should go to the Biltmore Estate and go experience the wine tasting and see the history and beauty of the whole place. Corey and I made it a weekend trip and had the absolute best time!

A few of the photos I got from the Biltmore!

Gorgeous Atrium!

     Here are a few photos from our trip to Boone and Grandfather Mountain! It was such a fun time and we did a bunch of site seeing and enjoying the delicious restaurants. We explored the historic downtown area which was filled with the cutest little shops with nicknacks of all sorts and delicious fudge everywhere! This trip was a little more scenic and we had a killer time being on top of the mountain together!