Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year: Ready to welcome a new year with goals and plans!


     I know this should be a time of New Years resolutions and what not but I figured I would make a list of some of the things I plan on doing..starting...and scheduling to accomplish a successful year of 24. I think sometimes in our early twenties it is a battle of figuring out what we are going to do next. Should we get engaged? Should we move? Should we buy a house? Should we consider renting for awhile? Should we wait until we are stable before getting married? Should we be dating 5..6..8 years before getting serious? The questions continue and race through my mind all the time because this is the honest truth of what life is like right now.

     I have so many things I hope for myself and my family and my relationships all in the upcoming year and here goes my list of 10 things I will be putting on my "New Years To Do" list. 

1. Visit and travel to see all of my closest friends. Many of my friends live in nearby cities and it is so silly that we have not made more of an effort to see one another..SO, I am determined to go all over to reconnect and reunite with some of my favorite people. Everyone have their planners ready soon!

2. I would like to help out more around my city. I have not decided whether or not I will be moving to DC (was offered a full-time nanny position) or if I will be continuing to live here in the QC (Queen City) and practicing Real-Estate or some other Public Relations job, BUT wherever I am located and WHATEVER I am doing... I want to become a part of my city more!

3. I am sick of making excuses for everything in life, and I am ready to really get out there more ..It has been tough getting over this stupid anxiety (that has a way of taking over your entire life) but I am ready to do things that may not feel so "comfortable" in my little bubble.

4. Last year I kind of put photography on the back burner and focused more on nannying and making an income to pay bills..but I would like to jump back into it and really follow my passion and creative mindset of snapping everyday photos of everyday people.

5. Hoping to visit my paw-paw and family way more often this year. None of us live terribly far away and so I am for sure going to be scheduling some way overdue family time with my loved ones!

6. I would like to stick to more of a budget in this upcoming year. I have already began transitioning most of all my bills (minus my health insurance) in my name and have gotten (mostly) off my mom's money linkage. I want to do an even better job this year and start setting aside a budget for trips..a possible new house..and little things like a grocery budget each week. Anything to save more!

7. I want Corey and I to focus on really getting involved in a church here in Charlotte (until we make further moves) and have loved going to Forrest Hill. I hope that maybe we will start to find other ways to get involved and create more relationships with some of the great people there!

8. I plan on turning this blog into a website that will also feature my photography and future projects I dive I am hoping to really get it up and running soon. I seem to talk and write about it more than making it happen..SO from now on I am setting aside time so it is ready to finally share.

9. I think because of having so much anxiety and just day to day stress.. I let it transpire into anger and sometimes harsh words get the best of me. I have found that saying less is more and being more soft spoken can always be a bit more attractive.

10. Lastly, I hope to do more of what I love on a daily basis, continuing to follow my dreams and staying passionate about everything I lay my hands on. I never want to let anything keep me from doing or becoming what God wants for my life. SO here is to a year filled with everything that is to being twenty something in 2014!