Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thoughts: What I love most

     I think the first blog post of this new year should be about a few things I love and crave..I mean why not?

     First off I absolutely love desserts. I for sure am like my dad.. in that I have a major sweet tooth... and like my mom in that I always need something salty and crunchy to munch on like kettle corn or pita chips. I have a major love for baking delicious desserts whether it's a blueberry pie or fresh chocolate chip croissants.  I hope I always have this love for food and can one day pass it on to my children.

     Secondly, I love a man and his scruff. Something about Corey giving me a kiss on my neck when he has some serious scruff makes me smile and get this crazy tingly feeling I absolutely adore. Sorry for all juicy info but it is something I do love. He always has a way of making me happy just simply by holding me or looking at me and he knows exactly what to say (majority) of the time. I love him and love that our story has so many places and adventures that are still to come for us to experience together. I wouldn't choose to do it any other way.

     I have a love for amazing art. Whether it is photography or beautiful ceramics, I have a hard time not buying or staring at it for long periods of time. I would love to live in a historical area or city with some great museums to visit from time to time. Hence why we love Asheville, DC and historic parts of Charleston. Hopefully we still may make it to DC to live for a bit and I will be out and about every day.

     Having a puppy (or pet of any nature really) is such a life saver when you are learning responsibility, patience, parenting and the list goes on. My child will for sure grow up with a pet of some sort (preferably Brody!) Because I want them to have that same love for animals and know the many benefits they give us each day. I am such a more active and positive natured person due to having a dog and for that I am thankful. Portia taught me so much as well, and yes we do occasionally face death.. but it makes you a million times stronger in the end.

     I love handmade items. From headwrap to satchels to jewelry..I love things that are one of a kind and rare to find (like my rhyming? ) But really handmade items are usually at local boutiques and shops nearby so why not support local businesses and give people some support! I also have noticed I get the most compliments on things of mine that are handmade not name brand. Don't get me wrong I love my Madewell stores and Jcrew... but local shops/consignments and even small businesses online have amazing finds.

     I hope everyone had an amazing new year filled with lots of love, JOY and bubbly (of course) and hope you are enjoying the things you love right now too..Whether big or little life will always be better doing what you love.