Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shop: Lemons & Lace

     Just received my Lemons and Lace purchase and I am in bowtie/headband fever! I love this look for spring and think it makes any bland hair day look incredibly better. It's also very fitting for a top knot or with some loose curls.
     I hadn't really planned on using the bowtie for Brody but I kinda couldn't resist! The headbands (that are pictured below on me) are called "Lucky Lady" and "Vanilla Blush." The bowtie is called "Handsome Houndstooth" (I love that each headband and bowtie has a fitting name). Headbands are all around 11.99 and the bowties are about 8.99. They are well worth it though because you can customize your own headband for a special occasion or just for everyday wear! They are super comfy and stretchy too which is always a plus..especially if your thinking of getting some for your little ones! Here is their home page with some examples of their products! (Is it not all ridiculously cute?)

     The baby and toddler headbands are so cute and the beauty of Lemons and Lace, is that they have matching ones for adults and little ones. I will most likely be that mom (one day) that does some sort of matching or color combination with my child (especially daughter) ....BUT many years until then!
     Anyways, hope you check their website out along with their Instagram @lemonsandlace. They are always posting new styles and sometimes have specials!
     When your twenty something these headbands could never look better! Enjoy!