Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Thoughts: 5 Things


Writing this a few days early but I am bored and my boyfriend "must" enjoy a cigar with friends ..due to the Panther loss tonight. So here goes my 5 thoughts from this past week.

1. I love good food and (ocassionally) good white wine. We had such a great dinner the other night with Corey's family at one of my favorites...actually it's for sure my favorite...Village Tavern. If you have not been I feel obligated to tell you that it has the most mouth watering crab dip and brie ever. I mean it when I say that too. They also have probably the best honey glazed salmon and crab cakes and steaks I have ever had too. You basically can order anything off the menu and know your taste buds will be completely satisfied after.

2. I'm getting back into diy and crafting and finally made coasters I adore. It was such a simple diy and I love that you can customize them for any room of your house. I will feature how to make them in an upcoming post so be on the lookout ;)

3. I am sticking to my new years "to do" list by visiting my closest friends and made that happen last week. I went to Raleigh to stay with my best friend (practically sister) Melissa. We did what we do best and enjoyed great food, many laughs & the best talks. She always has great advice for me and I think it is because we have faced so many similar life events. No matter how long we are apart we just have that understanding that we have stuff going on and we'll catch up soon enough! Can't wait to make it back to see her (altho my wallet needs some recovering after the heavy amount of shopping we indulged in).

4. I am so thankful for my hanfsome boyfriend. I don't give him enough credit for the intense amount of unconditional love he shows me each day. He is the guy that will put up with me taking a million pictures, kiss my forehead regularly, tell me I'm being a stubborn pain in the rear end (when I am), and never let's me cry without giving me a shoulder to lean on. He is too good to me and I constantly remind myself of that.

5. Brody is my absolute favorite little man in the world. What is hilarious (if you know me well) is that I always talk about wanting little girls one day and love everything about baby girls from bows to lace to shabby chic bedding. Don't get me wrong..when the day comes and I do possibly have a girl she will not be in light pink all day. I want a future daughter of mine to be herself and will probably dress her more like a mini me than anything else.
     Back to what I am getting at...I have a new love for boy stuff..Brody is so full of life and love and is very handsome for a pup (in my opinion) I love all the boy toys and blankets and have realized it's all pretty.  Darn. Cute. Sadly...He even has this cute face (like the one above) when we are at vet visits getting his last shots. This face that I have to scold often...always is precious and makes you just want to hold him oh so tight.

     Hope you all have had an amazing week and are looking forward to a great one ahead!