Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Nanette Lepore

     One designer (among many) that truly inspires me is, Nanette Lepore. I have always loved that her pieces are so feminine with pops of color that fit each season so perfectly. I normally crave her Fall collections because they feature deep reds&black, velvet, wool coats and tons of detail. This year, however, her Spring line is absolutely stunning. I love the way the nudes are paired with reds and the blue lace top. it is all so eye catching and jaw dropping (well in my opinion).

     I typically fall is love with black & whites around this time of year..probably because they scream Winter and make any body look pretty appealing (which says something I think). I want to change it up though, and start picking some brighter colors. If you know me well also know that my closet has a ton of black pieces followed by cream/whites..followed by nudes..and has pops of colors everywhere inbetween. I just love staple me crazy but throwing on a boyfriend cardigan, your Hunter boots, a beanie and some of your most comfy leggings seems like an ideal I right?  My everyday wear is that in a nutshell this time of year. I have been wearing the simple Swarovski necklace and earrings (Corey got me for xmas) with this basic everyday type of outfit bc it matches most anything. SO you may say my style is "classic/urban/boho/chic/simplistic/romantic/vintage." (Basically I have no idea what my style is) All I know is a love simple and comfy and tasteful sexy. I love feeling good in what I have on and having a sense of sophistication.

    Anyways..I guess what I am getting that I am going to make an effort to try and add more pops of colors like red and turquoise and a favorite in the spring.. yellow to my ensembles. I am tired of sticking to the nudes and comfortable black tops and dresses I run towards.. and instead...try on something a bit different!

     Here are some of the photos from Nanette Lepore's 2014 Spring line below (also my new spring fashion inspiration)

**photos from online sources**