Monday, January 27, 2014

5 things: What I'm loving

     Fun evening with my man and his family at Brio.. (one of our favorites). They always have lobster bisque soup and it is always impeccable and irresistible.  We indulged in great laughs and wine ..As always!  Doesn't my man look pretty handsome too? That scruff and dark eyes make me heart want to explode.

     I enjoyed the "winter ish" weather (minus the below freezing temperatures) ...and love the way the trees look against the grey skies. Feels and looks very January .. in my opinion. Winter will only be here for so long ..might as well enjoy it while we can!

     Time to start cleaning out all of these winter scarves and get ready for spring. I really wear scarves seasonally, so a few will be staying in my closet ...but majority of my winter clothes are getting the boot ..except for transitional pieces of course :)...This is never a fun process but gotta start at some point!

     Are these cookies not too cute!? Love that it is almost Valentines Day! I'm one of those people that gets really into each holiday...Corey has gotten used to this ever since the first year we dated ..and he found me upset that I didn't get an Easter basket from him (haha). Call it childish, but I find fun in life when holidays are all celebrated to a large extent.  If you don't have a significant other on all your family and friends! I am already planning on ways to spoil my nieces and nephew and boyfriend! Also it is my beautiful mother's birthday!! Yay for Vday!

     This is my absolute favorite color right now.  It is called Oxblood red and is covering my nails and toenails currently due to a much needed mani/pedi I enjoyed yesterday. Love the warmth and think it will look perfect for Vday.

     Have a great Monday folks! :)