Monday, January 6, 2014

Verse: Ruth 1:16


Sometimes, we need a little reminder of who it is we really need to be focusing our attention on. My goal is to have a verse a day that I try and think about throughout the day while applying it's message to whatever I have going on. Today and this week I am going to keep this verse from Ruth up on my mirror so I can see it from time to time. 

I didn't take the  nanny job up in DC, so now I am back to figuring out if I should keep nannying for another family or dive into real estate ..or even take on a job like managing a local boutique in Charlotte or a nearby city like Raleigh. 

"Or" .....seems to be a popular word for me right now bc truth is ..I have so many options/paths that I can go ..and many may leave me overjoyed..while others may be a learning lesson. However I am going to stop being afraid, and start doing and going where God wants me.

I am so excited in the fact that I know God does have the most incredible plan for my life and He will use my gifts and talents as He sees fit. Therefore, I am going to just let go and give my worries and insecurities to Him each and every day (well make an effort and try). I want to follow Him and His path and His dream for my life bc I cannot create one better myself. He has my joy in the palm of His hands and will take me anywhere and everywhere if I hold  on tight.
SO today I say "Wherever you go..I will go"