Friday, January 3, 2014

Thankful: Baby Sarah is here!

     One aspect about my life, that I truly cannot complain about, is becoming an aunt to so many little ones. Before my mom got married, again, I had one love and that was my beautiful niece Ellerie Mae Bunker. From the day I found out she was a growing bean in my sisters tummy today as she hugs me and says "love you Manda," I have loved her little soul unconditionally. I almost feel very motherly with her and always have because Laura (my sister) and I are so incredibly close. Ellerie has such an amazing spirit and gentle nature that makes her stand out in our day and age. She really showed me as a tiny peanut how strong love can be.
     Once my mom remarried, I welcomed into my heart 2 other little blessings, Abby and Aaron (who are Emily Brereton's little ones) ..AND not long after we welcomed baby Maddie (Elissa Whited's little baby girl). Now I know this is a lot to keep up with ..but welcome to a family of like 20 :)! I have loved experiencing life through their big imaginations and seeing each of them grow closer to God and see He is all they need. What a gift to be an Aunt to such sweethearts.
     It has been a year since then, and we are now expecting a baby boy from the Whited's in April and we JUST welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth Brereton, to the family on New Year's Eve! My heart is so full of love right now, and I am so thankful and lucky to be Aunt Manda to now 5 precious little ones. God is so good and new life is a beautiful thing. Can't wait to watch these lil ones grow and develop their own unique personalities!

One of the first photos of beautiful baby Sarah Elizabeth Brereton!  You are an angel baby girl! I can't wait to meet you and hold your tiny hands!