Monday, January 27, 2014

Photography: Cooper & Violet

     Today I decided to get some photos of sweet Cooper and Violet..while they were in somewhat good moods earlier! Cooper loves the camera (my phone) and smiles every time I'm looking his way. Violet enjoys pictures, to an extent, and always lights up when she finds it exciting. 
The two are great friends and not twins (which I'm asked often on our routine walks). Their parents are so sweet and love when they get pics from me while there at work. I enjoy sending them too! Sometimes I realize nannying may end up being a career for me and something I would enjoy longterm. I tried giving it a break and focusing on PR ..but my heart loves being a caretaker. I for sure wouldn't have to worry about daycare costs one day!

     ANYWAYS... I love this age (both babes are around 7 months) and seeing them explore this big world we live in. Their unique expressions and sounds are priceless. Sometimes I stare at them and wish for one day I could have their worry-free happy minds that know so little but are embarking on big adventures in life. From trying sweet potatoes for the first time to stacking blocks and sitting on their own..they are learning so much each day. Thankful I get to spend time with them ..even though it's only a couple days a week :)

Hope you enjoy photos of these 2!