Saturday, January 18, 2014

Past Week: 5 Things that made me smile

     This week, I will say, was a bit more than challenging. I had a three day nanny week and then have been working effortlessly on my website, small side hobby/business (which I'll be sharing with you soon!) And continuously applying for different things. I am really excited about the future (unknowing and all) and kind of came to grips yesterday that I have to start enjoying send relaxing myself way more. My anxiety makes this a constant battle ..but then i tell myself "Really what is the worst that can happen?"
     Other than this past week being somewhat stressful, I had some good times as well which are pictures below. Ready to bring on a relaxing weekend...won't be long till I'm back in Raleigh with my other half come Monday to visit my new sweet niece Sarah Elizabeth :).

My man and I enjoyed a delicious dinner date the other night at Maggianos. I love the Italian pasta and getting dressed up. Also love my man in a button down, slacks and jacket.
This puppy seriously drives me up the wall sometimes but usually because he wants to be with me wherever I go. Mornings with him are amazing filled with snuggling and lots of kisses.
Found some amazing new Spring shirts and sweaters the other day and I can't wait to wear them. Already wore the oversized white cable knit sweater and it was so comfy! New clothes always puts be in a better mood..
Downton Abbey might be one of my favorite shows. I have always loved "old timey" types of shows that feature life from an earlier century when clothes were so intricate and words spoken were so creatively meaningful. Sounds cheesy but I seriously wish I had lived during this period. So utterly beautiful.
My arm/wrist candy the other night made me smile. Everything I love right now is a lovely combo of both golds and silvers .....and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am also wearing my new white sweater from the pic above and let me just say I almost slept in it because of how soft the thing is.

Enjoy the weekend ahead!