Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photography: Elizabeth take 2

  Today I am watching sweet Elizabeth again ...and we decided to do a mini photo shoot (using my phone) and it was too cute! I decided if I got back into photography, I wanted to capture photos of everyday life which includes playtime on the bed..messy faces when eating sloppy joes...smash cakes...sibling fights..laughter...even crying.  I want my photos to be real and not just be portraits.
     I think there is so much more transparency when we capture real life and not just the good times. Life is all about emotion and expression which should not be hidden but rather displayed. I want to remember the highs and lows and everything in between when it comes to my photography (and being twenty something). these photos below of this bundle of joy (literally). Caught them while playing on the bed after our park venture! Felt the need to put her in this cute pink romper too bc I adore bows! Enjoy :)