Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Style: From Winter to Spring- 4 styles

     Getting so many ideas for winter into spring clothing combos..that are very transitional. I love the playfulness of many of these pieces (pictured above) and think the colors are on par for our upcoming seasons.

1. I really love the idea of wearing a boho "flyaway" type of shaw or sweater. The one below, is perfect for layering and wearing over a casual outfit to give it some flare.

2. Layering bracelets, rings and anklets are great for most all spring looks. I love pairing chunky jewelry with thin delicate pieces to give your neck/arm/hand candy some depth.

3. Grey is a great color right now, and I think it works well with the seasons styles. Grey is super transitional (in my opinion) from winter to spring... and I love it (pictured above) in the form of a wool skirt. Love neutrals with grey (as well) or even going for a more nautical look by adding something navy. Any way you choose to wear grey.. it is hard to go wrong.

4. I am loving a few things about the last look. I'm really into deep v - neck tops that are chiffon or "loose fitting." The navy one (below) paired with the metallic pants is so eye catching. That is a top that can be worn just about everywhere (from a birthday dinner..then out on a hot date later that evening..ya know?) Of course I'd add a blazer to it for work and a long necklace for a "hot date" haha!

     I am always thinking ahead at styles coming up..ones that will be reused..or reminiscent of great ones from the past. Excited to bust out my transitional pieces!

** photos from Instagram @classyandfashionable**