Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY: Handmade Gift Bags

     Since it is almost February.. and wedding season ...and probably many birthdays..I thought I would share a fun way to create your own gift bags. I haven't made any this year, but plan on doing so in the next few weeks so the spring holidays are not too hectic. 

     I have always been a "gift-giver" ever since I was little, and (for some reason) find so much joy in seeing someone love something I've given (or made) them. I think making your own gift bags can be more economical (if your a crafter or diy lover like myself) and efficient so you don't have to make trips to target 24/7. I typically buy a bundle of plain white gift bags for around $3.99 and some paint/stencils I want to use. I also am a sewer, so I usually have ribbon scraps and random buttons all over the place that I like to incorporate in my bag making. ALSO, it is important to have a hot glue gun. I use one for just about all of my diy projects and would die without that sucker! You can find great deals on all of these products at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels! Hobby Lobby has ribbon half off every other week, so keep up with their newsletter.. and you will know the best times to shop!

     When starting each gift bag, I like to set to the side all of the pieces of ribbon, choice of paint, stencils and buttons all beside the plain gift bag. This just helps keep things organized.. and less chaotic when its time to pick up all those obnoxious scraps. 

      I like to do any type of painting or stenciling first to enable plenty of drying time before gluing on ribbon. Once that is dry, you can go on adding ribbon (of your choice) and buttons. I love the "rick rack ribbon" and I love using vintage buttons. The beauty of this project is that you can customize each bag based on the person you are giving the gift to. Below I made both the red/brown (rick rack ribbon) bag (for Valentine's Day) and the flower ribbon bag (for Easter) for my sweet niece Ellerie. She loved them and the bright fun colors..especially the buttons! Hope you try this easy diy out!