Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trip: Raleigh Bound

     This long weekend was one of my favorites to say the least. Knowing my mom was going to stay with my step - sis Emily (and her family), I decided why not make a trip to Raleigh to see her (her family & my mom) my best friend..and my new niece! I am still keeping to my New Year's "To Do" list by visiting some of my family and my close friends more often. Seems silly I have not done this way more. I think I let my anxiety control my life (more than I'd like) but once I make a long trip... or do something not so familiar a few times...I begin to get over those nerves and crazy feelings. I realize the beauty of each day, and how they need to be cherished with the ones who love me most.
     I headed out Sunday afternoon and arrived at Melissa's abode that evening.  She is so sweet, and we had a great time making treats, talking, getting dinner and watching good movies. Can't beat that with how cold it has been lately! We love getting caught up on our crazy lives and making each other laugh till it literally hurts. I am so thankful to have her as a best friend.
     Monday we went shopping most of the day ..and then I went to visit my fam. I only stayed for a bit because I was heading back Tuesday to see them as well! Meeting my precious niece was an absolute treat! It has been awhile since I have gotten to hold and love on a 3 week old..and boy was it the best. She looks just like my step sister, Emily, (in my opinion) with her cute nose and lips. Her expressions were so priceless and I loved each little smile she made while sleeping.
     Mel had to work early Tuesday, so I headed over to Emily's early in the morning. When I got there she was sleeping with the baby..and my mom and nephew (Aaron) were playing in the playroom. I have to tell you that he is one of the cutest 2 year olds around. He has such a fun imagination and I love hearing his innocent boy voice. He also had so much love for baby Sarah and kept giving her the most gentle kisses when Emily was holding her. I looked at the three of them ...and kept thinking how special those moments must be. Emily is truly a great mother and sister. I learn a lot from her due to the patience and love she exemplifies.
   It is safe to say..I am excited to go visit them all again!! We had such a nice time enjoying the company of one another. Until next time!

Some photos from my Raleigh trip :)