Sunday, December 15, 2013

Style: Master the messy bun!

     Lately (well not that recent actually) I have had a love for the messy bun. I think I mostly love it because of how effortless it always is ..but now I feel like it gives your style a more romantic and whimsical look (which seems to always be eye catching). I mentioned (in my fall style post) that there are tons of tutorials and what not on how to create your own messy bun..but I would just try it for yourself the first time. It's called messy for a reason..meaning it shouldn't look a certain way or be in a certain position. 

     Just throw it up on your head and tie it up with an elastic...BAM..your done! If it helps, here is my start out..flip your head over and put your hair in a messy high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with a hair tie. (Use a hair tie color closest to your hair color.) Note: No need to brush out hair before hand with this look. The messier the better. Pull the ponytail in an upward then downward position, just a tad, to loosen. Loosely wrap ponytail hair around hair tie and secure pieces with bobby pins. Loosen random pieces in front, at sides, back and on top to create the messy look if not created already. Viola! You now have a chic, messy high bun! here are a few more photos of messy bun looks that are inspiring me!