Monday, December 23, 2013

Thoughts: My standpoint on Duck Dynasty and Mom's who know it all


      I  made a comment regarding the situation with Duck Dynasty's Phil getting kicked off the A&E network last week on Facebook (which of course created some commentary..both positive and negative). Phil had made comments (on the Duck Dynasty show) regarding homosexuals and that he did not believe that was what God intended for our mankind. I was upset by this, because we pride ourselves, in this glorious nation we live, on living in a free country where we have freedom of speech and religion. We pride ourselves on being able to express oneself no matter what the circumstance may be (even if it majority of the time can be inappropriate or should be said at another time). We pride ourselves on living in a country where we accept everyone for who they are even if they are making choices we don't agree with. We pride ourselves on being different and a huge salad bowl of people with amazing and various traits/characteristics/qualities.
     Therefore, if Phil has a show (which he did and was on "Duck Dynasty") then he should certainly (at least in my mind) be able to say whatever he wants ....and viewers can take it with a grain of salt like we (as humans) do with all the other media outlets we are subjected to each day. Bravo and other networks have the power speak freely about whatever their views are and I do not see the network kicking them off because of an opinion they have ..and would like to share (kind of defeats reality television?).
     I also had made a comment regarding homosexuality and that it is (in my mindset..and others believe it or not) a lifestyle choice. To ME..that is my personal opinion and while you have a right to yours..please do not start telling me mine is wrong or not okay. I had many people comment back with their own views which is fine and I love hearing other's viewpoints on this topic. However, I will (and did after some debate in my mind) remove comments and tell others to please speak in a way that expresses an opinion without being cruel and twisting what others have to say. My comments (which I look at before posting are in no way mean or offensive) reflect my own perspective on our world and it's entities due to my upraising in a Christian home...where I was taught and read over and over that God planned on Adam and Eve creating many generations and the power of a husband and wife.
     I DO feel it is a lifestyle choice, and many have my same view..If you do not that is completely okay and we can agree to disagree just fine. BTW I am also not ignorant bc I feel this way and if you have the same view ..don't feel like you are ignorant either (bc of your stance). In fact, you are pretty in tune with what is going on around us..let's be honest I would not be talking about this if it were not a relevant topic in our society..which it is. I have friends who are homosexual and straight and what not.... so do what you feel is right for yourself and be yourself..power to ya..but let others have a perspective.

Here is info on what his comments were and about the situation 

       I am finding it comical when I read moms say (via blog or facebook or article) that people don't know how to parent because they have never had their own. AND apparently don't know the pain and hardship of having a newborn and what skin to skin contact is like and breastfeeding and worrying and the feeling of a being in your womb . .blah blah blah..umm last time I checked I would love to do all of those things one day..and so would MANY moms..
     I posted about this already (in my "What a nanny does know" post) and don't wanna get into it too much.. but I faced some backlash by a mom who said I hadn't experienced that motherly feeling based off most of the reasons above.. so apparently I wouldn't know at all what it's like to really be a mom.. yeah right...the love, the compassion, the hardships, the triumphs, the adventures, the sleepless nights, the early bottle feedings ..not just for you mom's who gave birth yourself.
      MANY mom's exist who had to use a surrogate or adopt ..because after a million infertility treatments and medicine they could not physically give birth to an infant all their own.  SO they do not always get that luxury that you call "hardship" ...they don't get to have skin to skin contact or the site of seeing a miracle that you were able to create ..and hold a being right after being delivered that looks at you for the first time (and noone else) with your same nose and little grin... 
     Breastfeed? some moms don't get that either so while you complain about what you "have" to do and how nobody understands unless a baby came out of them..remember one thing ..OTHERS would  have loved to have been given that opportunity. As a nanny I have seen what moms have had to go through and the heartbreak and joy they have faced through their own ordeals. I have had the opportunity to wake up in the middle of the night and feed a baby (via bottle) while barely keeping my eyes open and jotting feeding times down in a journal. YOU are not the only. SO do yourself a favor people and stop telling others they don't know...