Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Something New: 5 Things...my thoughts!

     It seems just abut every blogger out there does this thing called "5 Things"...basically talking about 5 thoughts..or activities..or favorite photos from the week/weekend. SO, I have decided to join in on the fun ..and start writing a 5 Things post once a week of some take aways or thoughts Id like to share!

Here goes..

1. If you saw my facebook status..you are aware that it kind of bugs me that our society seems to ceebrate people's lives after they have passed away. I dont understand this what-so-ever. I think we should constantly be celebrating everyone's lives no matter how big or small. Yes we have birthdays we celebrate but lets be honest ..it is on no scale comparable to the three days of news we have had regarding Mandela. Everyone plays a vital part in this world and has an impact on someone's life at some point. Maybe one day we will start changing this up a bit and talking about common people too not just the noticeably extraordinary.  

2. I am so sick of rain and no snow and tons of cold weather! I am writing this and looking outside and there is actually a glimpse of some sunlight (finally) ...so lets hope the weather decides to keep this up for a few days so I am not utterly depressed.

3. I would love it if people stopped asking me when I am getting married...when I am going to decide on a career...and the list goes on. I am only 23 (almost 24 on the 26th!) which mean I have a whole lotta life to live before I need to make any of these huge decisions. Yes it is important to pay your bills and be independent (both of which i am doing). I think both Corey & I (if that is who I end up marrying) would like to both be completely financially stable before getting married. What is the rush to get married so young...A) I cant afford a brand new home right now....which is where I would want to live with a husband..B) I would rather not have to ask my parents for things left and right because I chose to get married and wasn't ready yet. C) You do not have to be married to go on a freakin trip to the mountains or beach or anywhere with a boyfriend or significant other. (Who made those rules?) Just because I go on a trip with a boyfriend doesn't mean we are being promiscuous...that is about the most annoying thing I have to hear! God loves me and knows me ...so I for one am not worried that He is disapproving a simple trip away with another person.

4. I am addicted to everything chocolate right now...from brownies to puppy chow (people kind of course) to cookies..I am dying!! Everyone seems to keep offering it too which is really hard to deny..

5. I have a new love and passion for writing... with this blog! I never really listened to people when they told me that writing would make me feel better (to get things off my chest and speak my mind). I think I am doing that to some degree while being mindful that some stuff is better not written or said! A few of you have reached out to me via Facebook or texting and have told me how much you love reading daily posts (which means the world to me!). SO thank you for reading what I have to say and taking it with a grain of salt..because it is my opinion and everyone should say true to theirs! 

Until next time....